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Things to Check before Calling a Garage Door Repair Technician

You have probably experienced the scenario of malfunction garage door. You arrive home after a hectic day and ready to hit the sack. You press the button of the remote as you turn your car into a drive path. Your automatic garage door opens for you and you park the car inside the garage. You press the button again to close the garage door but nothing happen. The garage door does not move to close. You replace the batteries of the remote and try it again but garage door does not respond. You go to bedroom worried that garage door will remain open all night.

A garage door is a combination of complex operating systems that include tracks, pulleys, and springs and you don’t want to mess with them. You should call professional garage door technician like, Benbrook garage door repair to help you. There are some things that need to be checked before calling garage door companies. Most of the problems can be fixed on your own but any complicated task should be left to professional.
The garage door does not open or close

Check dead batteries:

The batteries of the remote may be dead. You need to replace the batteries and try again. Try to use a new remote because it will solve the issue.

Electronic eyes of sensors are not aligned:

There are two sensors placed at each end of the garage door that create an invisible beam of light between them. If they are not pointed to each other it will affect the opening and closing tasks of garage door. To correctly realign the sensors, simply move one of the eyes up or down from its current placement and then try to close the garage door. You need some patience to get the desired results.

• Obstructions under garage door:

If something obstructs the path of the garage door, it will not close. It is a safety measurement which adds to prevent something or someone from being smashed underneath the garage door. Make sure that you have not left anything under the garage door. Remove the object and try it again.

• Check the operating mechanism of the garage door:

If you have checked all the above parts but still have issue, it may have broken garage door spring, pulley, or cable. In this situation, don’t try to close the garage door forcefully. It will only make things worse and garage door repair job will cost you more.

Modern Garage Doors

Since garage door spring repair and replacement are beyond what you can handle yourself, just call professional garage door technicians. They will be able to diagnose the exact cause of problems. Most garage door companies offer a free estimation and discount packages. You should ask them about it to save some money.

Tips and Techniques to Help with Garage Door Repairs

Garage door problems can be avoided with proper garage door maintenance and care activities. If not prevented completely then at least somewhat to the stage where less money and effort are required to restore the performance of the garage door to its normal level. Learn more at

If you clean and maintain the garage door regularly then it will reward you with long life. To enjoy the maximum performance of garage doors you need to make sure that you do not lazy with garage door maintenance services. If any problem does happen then you need to do something in order to avoid further damages from taking place.

What should you do to keep the garage door working properly? Clean the garage door approximately four times with the help of mild washing liquid. You can use a soft car brush to do this task easily. By washing the garage door regularly, the accumulated elements will be removed. Make sure though that you refrain from using any harsh cleaners or chemicals on a garage door.

If you have a wooden garage door then the cleaning and maintenance routines should be accomplished according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. In most cases, you will be encouraged to first paint the exterior and then the interior of the garage door every once a year. If you paint only the outer side of the garage door then it may warp over time due to extreme moisture and outside elements.

Take a closer look at the bottom of the garage door. Make sure that the bottom of the garage door should be free of obstructions. Where the garage door touches the floor is a spot that can easily attract dirt, leaves, debris, and cobwebs. It can be a formation of thin ice during the winter season. When anything blocks the bottom of the garage door it will prevent a solid seal which should be maintained. The clog also causes several problems with the alignment and weight management of the garage door.  To avoid these issues, the bottom of a garage door should also keep clean.

You also need to clean and lubricate the moving parts of the garage door. It is a preventive maintenance measure that will take little money and effort. You should apply silicone spray or lightweight oil to the rollers and hinges periodically. When you lubricate the moving parts of the garage door, your garage door function correctly and your garage door will need fewer repairs. However, it is always suggested that call professional garage door companies handle your faulty or malfunctioning garage door as they have the right skills, tools, and expertise to do so.




Tips and Tricks for Garage Door Repair

The garage door should be repaired and maintained at all times. It will help you to ensure that it will efficiently function. For this purpose, you should immediately address the small issues as soon as they happen.

If not, these small problems may grow that may need you to pay a large amount of money. There are a few important things that you will have to check if your garage door is not working properly as it should. You will also need to check that there are no loose parts lying on the ground of your garage. This article will show you some tips and tricks on how to fix the non-working garage door. If you are not confident enough to perform the work on your own, then hire a professional garage door company such as a garage door repair service in San Antonio for the project.

Inspect the garage door panels:

First of all, you need to inspect the garage door to tighten the loose panels. Continuous operations of the garage doors cause additional damages that are subject to vibrating forces. Eventually, the pressure can take its toll on the garage door by just tightening the loosened screws within the brackets after a certain period of time. You can use a socket or a wrench to do this type of repair. If they are directly attached to the garage door opener, you should disconnect the power supply first by pulling the emergency release cord. This way, you can close the garage door panels manually. In turn, the parts will hold tight against one another. Furthermore, you should be tightened the hinges attach to them. Missing bolts and nuts should be replaced immediately to avoid disruptions in the operations.

Consider the garage door rollers and pulleys:

You should also inspect the physical condition of rollers and pulleys attached to the garage door. If you can spin the rollers using fingers without facing strong resistance in the process, there is a great chance that your garage door working properly. On the opposite side, frozen rollers on the hinges cause grinding sounds, gliding forces, and friction during the opening and closing process of the garage door.  To fix the garage door problems, you may add a few drops of oil to the garage door components. Steel rollers especially need to apply a few drops of oil so that you can keep them lubricated. In case, the rollers seem to be worn out, they should be replaced with new ones.

Inspection of garage door tracks:

In the garage door repair project, you should inspect the tracks for the presence of bent, dents, or damages.  Most of these faults will take place along the curve of the metal tracks. You may fix any dented area by just utilizing the vice grip. You should also check the brackets that will connect and hold the tracks against the wall. If the moving parts have turned loose, you should tighten them securely. Now you can operate your garage door as usual.




Easy Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Routines

Once installed professionally, the garage door is a pretty simple and convenient system. Normally, it does a wonderful job of opening and closing with no problem at all. However, when it starts working differently, it means that you need to do garage door repair and maintenance.

Luckily, some garage door tasks are easier to handle than they seem, so when you feel that your garage door is working differently, don’t panic, take your tools, and roll up your sleeves to get ready to perform some garage door repair work on your garage door. There are some handy tips that you can use for fixing your garage door on your own. But it is always suggested that hire a professional garage door technician such as, Up & Over Garage Door Repair to do garage door repair work for you. Well, the following are the quick solutions to some garage door problems, so have a look at the points to see if you can fix the problems on your own.

  • Noisy garage door:

Unwanted sounds can cause interruptions and disturbance. As long as you are using the garage door, it is safe to assume that there is no problem. Normally, the terrible sounds are caused by dry running rollers or damaged hinges. The immediate solution to the problem is to replace the damaged rollers and hinges.

Garage door rollers need to be replaced if they look rusty or worn out. In case, you have a sectional garage door, it must have a dozen rollers. Consider using nylon rollers instead of metal to enjoy the quiet operations. Sometimes broken hinges can cause noise. Remember, you need to replace the hinges once their holes look bigger.

  • Frozen garage doors:

If you live in clod places then you are familiar with this problem. During extreme climate conditions, it is possible for the garage door to get freeze to the floor of the garage. During this situation, it becomes harder to go in and out of the garage. A frozen garage door may sound annoying but you don’t need to be worry because it is quite easy to fix the problem. You will have to spend a few minutes to break the icy connection between the garage door and the floor using any heating equipment. It should be easy to melt the ice with the help of a heat gun or hairdryer.

Professional garage door repair services:

Costly garage door repairs could be prevented if a garage door is inspected and maintained periodically. Regular garage door maintenance means cleaning and lubricating it from time to time. Garage door tracks and rollers are also inspected occasionally. By brushing and lubricating the rollers, damages can be avoided easily. As you know that prevention is better than any treatment!

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On the opposite side, if you are not capable of handling DIY garage door repair projects, you should call a professional garage door technician to ask for assistance. Local professional garage door companies are easy to find call through the internet. They will help you to repair or replace the garage door accordingly. It is always good to choose a trusted garage door company to available a valuable and cost-effective solution.



Keep Your House Safe with Professional Garage Door Repair Services

A garage is more than a place to keep your car and house safe and to store other tools and appliances. In some buildings, the garage door is another vital entry point into the house. This is why the garage door must remain secured and protected at all times. For this objective, garage door problems should never be ignored. Minor garage door problems can be handled on your own but serious problems should be taken care of by professional garage door experts like, Ace Garage Door Repair Houston.

When the garage door gets stuck or broke, don’t apply temporary fixes such as boarding up faulty patches. You might think that as long as your garage door looks normal, no one would ever think about accessing the garage. But it is a wrong concept because criminals consider garages as a good place to break into your house. A malfunctioned or weakened garage door with unsecured hinges or broken panels can turn your garage into a haven for criminals.

Ways to secure your garage door:

Garage door malfunctioning is not just pop up immediately. Normally, there have been some warning signs that show you something is going in the wrong direction. If your garage door opens and closes slowly, creating loud sounds, getting jammed on its tracks, then something is wrong with the garage door.

It is important to service the garage door every now and then to make sure all the components are in a good working position. If the sounds are caused by dry or rusty hinges, then a little maintenance and service are enough to keep it in order. However, if the source of the sounds is still a mystery to you, professional garage door services should be hired. It is suggested to fix any problem as early as it happens, or else you will end up with a lot of inconveniences in your hand that will cost a lot.

Choose a garage door repair company that has wide availability hours. Try to partner up with 24/7 emergency services. You need to use your garage door to a getaway at any time and you will be in high trouble if you have a garage door that won’t open or close at 1 am. Although emergency garage door services are costly it is a small price to pay in exchange for your projection.

Consider upgrading the garage door to enjoy the latest features of a garage door. if you find yourself frequently calling professional garage door technicians, it might mean that your garage door has reached the end limit of its life. Instead of paying frequent garage door bills, consider replacing the garage door as a whole. It is worth investing in because there is nothing more important than your safety and peace of mind. With well-functional and secured garage door, you won’t have to worry about it breaking in the most inappropriate times.

Hire a garage door repair company that offers around-the-clock services on an emergency basis, all you need is to find out the right services providers through yellow pages or the internet. Garage door replacement can keep not only your vehicle but your home safe.

Professional Garage Door Spring Services

There are two types of springs available in the market which you can use on the garage doors. You can have extension springs or torsion springs. With the passage of time, these springs become ruined and infective which need to be replaced? You will need to hire professional garage door repair services to get it done based on the type of garage door you have in your garage.  Want to learn more about garage door springs, visit the link here

Garage door torsion springs are the most dangerous and risky kind. These springs are wound up on a rod at the top of the garage door. There may be two springs placed on each side of the garage door. Torsion springs are the most powerful and dangerous ones. Often when one spring gets damaged, the other follows it within a short period of time. It is strongly suggested that both springs should be replaced at the same time even if there is only one of them get damaged. It will help you to avoid another hiring task of garage door spring expert within a short period of time. Torsion spring replacement is a considerably dangerous project, capable of causing serious damages, severe injuries, or even death. Well, it is strongly recommended that you should hire a certified and reputed garage door expert to handle this task for you.

On the other side, extension springs are less trick and risky to install, adjust, and replace. These types of springs are placed along the upper, right, and left sides of a garage door. According to experts, some safety measurements should always be considered. Storing a great amount of energy, they can be stretched and released to be potentially injuries because they are installed on 500 plus pound garage doors.

Although many homeowners would try and have attempted the DIY garage door spring project successfully, everyone is not capable of handling this type of work. It is essential to determine your own skills and abilities related to the demands that this project needs. If you have any doubt about your capabilities, it would be wise to call a professional garage door spring repair services provider near you.

While conducting a garage door spring replacement project, you will need to make sure that you have collected the right material and required tools. However, it can be hard to find the right product. There are a lot of garage door companies that only sell springs and other related products to authorized dealers. They do not allow selling such products to the end consumers in order to avoid injuries and damages that may arise when the person is unskilled and untrained with the mechanism of a garage door.

Replacing garage door torsion springs on your own offer real and potentially deadly hazards. It is also true that you can save some money and learn new techniques if you do it on your own but saving is hardly worth it if you get admitted to the emergency room of the hospital due to it. I don’t want to say that you are not capable of handling such a project. My point is that there is no need to take unnecessary risks, particularly deadly ones if there are ways to avoid them.



Garage Door Not Functioning-Some Common Problems and Solutions

There are two basic parts of the garage door. One is a garage door opener and the other is the garage door itself that includes the operating mechanism, its panels, the metal tracks that follow the garage door to go up and down, and the rollers that run in the tracks and are attached to the garage door.

A garage door is basically the largest electronically moving equipment around your house. Your garage door gets used more often than any other front door. In case, your garage door is not properly maintained, it can be big trouble.

There are a lot of parts that must work together to make your garage door functional. If your garage door needs a repair or maintenance service, it is normally a process of depreciation. You can start with the obvious action of hiring the best garage door company in Converse, Texas, and inspect the garage door thoroughly to find out the faults that are making your garage door malfunction. One of the complex solutions is that oftentimes there is more than one part that is going wrong within the mechanism all contributing to the malfunction. Some garage door problems are mechanical; some are the result of the wrong installation of garage door parts, and others are occurred due to negligence of garage door maintenance.

Garage door opener: There is a number of things that you need to check with the garage door opener. If it is not simply functioning, it is good to perform the easiest checkups. Make sure that your opener is getting enough power and the breaker has not been tripped.  Remember, it is plugged into the right socket properly. Look to see if there is any loose or broken wire. If the garage door opener looks fine but the garage door is not responding with the remote, check the batteries of the remote. Replace its batteries and try again.

Garage door mechanism: If your garage door is sticking or shaking on its tracks as it is raised or lowered on its tracks, you should inspect the mechanism that makes it function. One obvious garage door repair task is to fix the bent tracks that roll the garage door up and down. These tracks may become clogged due to dirt, dust, and accumulated grease. You may use mild household cleaner to clean the tracks and then use any high-quality lubricant or WD-40 to oil the rollers and to make sure that they are rolling smoothly.

Try to find out the dents or blockage in the metal tracks and make sure that the tracks are not loose. They are attached to the trim of the garage door and the ceiling with the mounting brackets. With the passage of time, these mounting brackets can be loosened due to the pressure of other tension parts. Another problem can be damaged rollers attached to the garage door itself.

If you have a wooden garage door, the strain on the moving hardware can force them to wiggle and become loose. To fix the issues, you should have a large screw and filler to fill the bigger hole. Be careful while working on garage door springs. It can be a hard and dangerous task if you don’t know what you are doing and don’t have the right tools. Leave this task to the experts.

Bottom line: Make sure that you know what is going on and have someone else who is familiar with the mechanism of a garage door. Don’t take a chance on creating more troubles by handling garage door problems that you don’t know how to conduct because you might do them in the wrong way and can cause even more serious garage door repair problems.



Things to be considered For Installation a Modern Garage Door

Nowadays, garage doors are ready-made trendy doors used in residential and commercial buildings. They are available in various styles, designs, and materials including steel, wood, fiberglass, and even glass. Modern garage doors look elegant and enhance the whole structure of your house.

Customized garage doors are manufactured by following the specific designs according to the architectural plans. Besides the residential objectives, there is another segment of commercial and industrial garage doors. These garage doors are generally constructed with rolling steel material which has distinct functional utilities. Standard garage doors are either operated manually or with a built-in automated system that is provided to facilitate the opening and closing. Normally garage door installation guide comes with automatic garage doors for the convenience of work, operations, and maintenance. In fact, heavy garage doors are mechanically operated systems. The installation process for an automatic garage door is really difficult and needs the assistance of a professional technician like, Nando’s Garage Door Repair.

Being lighter in weight, the manual garage doors are easily pulled up and down with the help of handles placed elegantly for proper balance. Due to the least involvement of mechanical and structural components, manual garage doors are easy to install. These garage doors are also dependable from a security point of view. Well, weighted garage doors are not easy to handle and install. Proper expertise and the right tools are required to handle weighted garage doors. It is always wise to depend upon professionals. Automatic garage doors are famous due to their convenience to use, handle, and manage. These garage doors function with powerful motors, rollers, springs, openers, and pulling cables. This system is required for all weighted garage doors whatever material these may be made of.

Garage door manufacturers provide consumer-friendly kits for the support of buyers who would like to do the installation themselves. It is easy to follow the step-by-step instructions for the garage door installation process, in fact, it is not as easy to protect as it appears. It does not mean that you cannot install your garage door on your own. There is a possibility that you may have good experience in handling the task of garage door installation, whether manual or automatic.

Before starting the project, you should read the manual thoroughly to get familiarized with the components and structure of the garage door. You may take all necessary measurements to get ready with the base work. It is the most important part of the garage door installation project. Any mistake in leveling, positioning, and balancing the tracks will disturb the alignment and setting of the garage door. In case of any confusion, the wise decision is to take professional assistance. If new garage door installation is a part of home renovation, there will be the need for removing the current one. Don’t ignore the issues of removing the garage door especially if it is too weighted. Automatic garage door installation basically needs mounting the brackets with tracks. The next step is connecting the parts and operating pieces following the instructions of manufacturers. Finally, the motor and opener need to be connected.

While installing a garage door, you need to be extremely careful in the case of a heavy garage door. Installing a torsion spring, balancing the tracks, placing the motor and wires is a dangerous process to handle.

Mechanism of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are used to open and close a garage door. There are two basic types of springs, one is extension springs and the other is torsion springs which are used on the garage door. Although both types of springs are dangerous to handle, the torsion springs are complicated and trickier to manage. They are even more dangerous to handle as compare to extension springs. Click here to get more information about the mechanism garage door springs.

Extension springs are mounted particularly on lighter garage doors such as, one-piece tilt-up and sectional aluminum garage doors. They are hanging at the top of the garage door and are anchored near the backside of the upper track of the garage door. You can install, adjust, and repair them on your own. However, extension springs are still risky to manage if you are not attentive and don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions. On the opposite side, torsion springs are installed on heavier garage doors such as wooden sectional garage doors. These springs are mounted on both sides of the garage door. You need professional garage door services to install or replace these springs. They have been known to cause serious injuries, property damages, and even death.

A garage door installed with torsion springs can be a little tricky to handle. The garage door normally weighs anywhere between 300 to 400 pounds, this is why the springs must be powerful enough to operate the garage door properly. Torsion springs have caused serious injuries like head trauma to even experts when they are being installed or replaced. If you have kids in your house, educate them to never stand near the malfunctioning garage door especially when it is opening or closing. In addition to this, you should install a wall-mounted keypad that opens and closes the garage door out of the reach of kids. It will prevent you from accidents caused by the broken garage door springs. No matter how much you advised them, kids will want to push the button of the garage door out of curiosity.

Even well-maintained garage door springs will need to be replaced due to general wear and tear. In order to avoid serious injuries, it is wise to conduct a periodic examination to check the working condition of the garage door. When one spring a break, the other is likely be get damaged soon after, therefore, it is best if you replace both torsion springs together. Garage door spring installation or replacement costs range from $75 to $400. Thus, it is always good to search around and compare prices to choose the best. However, the cost of the project should not be a determining factor, make sure the contractor provides quality service. It might be worth it to pay more to avoid hassles.

Garage door springs store an extensive amount of energy while the garage door is closing. So if the closed garage door refuses to open due to broken springs, it will not hurt anyone. In case, the springs broke during the opening process, it would eventually fall and potentially injure anyone and damage your possessions. The life cycle of the garage door spring is evaluated by certain factors such as, maintenance requirements; frequency of usage, the weight of the garage door, compatibility with the garage door, and the quality of the springs themselves.

In the bottom, garage door springs are powerful and dangerous parts of the garage door that should be maintained properly. You should inspect them periodically to make sure that they are in a good working position. It will avoid many accidents due to broken springs. Remember, if you are in need of a garage door spring replacement, it is good to consult a professional garage door expert to complete the task.




Do You Need Garage Door Repair Services?

Nothing is annoying than getting stuck outside the malfunctioning garage door waiting for a response. Definitely, you wish could wish at that time that you have a magic stick to order the garage door to be opened. After years of usage, overhead garage doors tend to start having issues. Due to frequent usage, it gets general wear and tears. Automatic garage doors need regular maintenance and lubrication services if you expect them to be functioning smoothly. Visit the link here to contact the professional service provider. They will more than happy to assist you with their services.

Costly garage door repair may not be necessary:

Most garage door problems are normally small and can be fixed easily using simple techniques. In the situation when your garage door does not respond, don’t jump to the conclusion that it needs some expert assistance at once. The malfunctioning may be simple and easy to handle without the help of a garage door technician. Perform simple techniques first to see if it works. There are several common reasons why a garage door does not open.

Inspect the remote control:

Test and check the remote carefully to make sure it is functioning. Often the problem gets sorted out when you replace the batteries of the remote with a new one. After replacing the batteries, if you are able to operate the garage door manually but not with a remote then you need to buy a new remote.

The garage door opener is not plugged in: It is a very common problem. When your garage door is not responding, first of all, check if the garage door opener is powered on and plugged in. sometimes the motor is not getting enough power in the original socket.  Try plugging it into a different outlet to see if it is working.

Unclear line of sight: Automatic garage doors are installed with safety sensors that have a photodetector that needs a clear line of sight to function. These sensors are placed to detect something or someone on the path of closing the garage door. If the sensors are not aligned properly, the garage door will not close. First of all, make sure that nothing is stuck on the photo-eye of sensors. Sometimes the lens gets murky or dirty. Clean the lens with a cotton cloth regularly.

Garage door springs problem: There is a possibility that the torsion springs lifting up the overhead garage door got broken. In this situation, don’t try to open a garage door. Call a garage door spring repair specialist to replace broken springs. I don’t suggest trying to handle it on your own. This problem needs special expertise to ensure that the garage door is safe to use.

Garage door cable problems: If garage door cables that support the garage door to move are frayed or broken, they need immediate replacement. It is a good option to replace the cables periodically. These metal cables can snap anything so it is extremely dangerous to have frayed or weak cable.

Don’t forget to check these important parts of the garage door before calling a professional garage door technician. However, none of the above techniques solves the issues then it is the right time to call a reliable garage door company near you to handle the project. Don’t try to solve it on your own as it may only lead to serious injuries, damages, and unnecessary costs.