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Easy Tips for Garage Door Repair

A malfunctioning garage door is a threat to the safety of your home. It will be an open invitation for robbers to access your home easily. No one wants to compromise with the safety of one home and vehicle, do you? This is why it is important to keep the garage door well-functional and maintain to make sure that the safety of your family and belonging is never compromised. Keeping your garage door in a good working position might sound like a very difficult project, but believe me, it is actually a very simple job. But if you are not sure about your capabilities then it is good to consult a professional garage door expert like, Quality Garage Door Repair services to keep your garage door in a good working state.

Common garage door repair issues and their solutions

Following mentioned are the common garage door problems that you might encounter with the garage door with the passage of time. Also given are some effective solutions which might help you in troubleshooting.

Problem: Garage door opens on its own without being commanded

Solution: The common cause behind the garage door that opens on its own is a set of to loss or too tight springs. Make sure that you have installed an appropriate set of springs. And they are of the right size, type, and dimension. They are wounded correctly by experts. To avoid the problems, don’t choose the spring which is too big or too strong for your garage door.

Problem: Garage door falls suddenly when it is released

Solution: If there is no physical problem with the garage door but it still remains constant when it is released. If it falls, there is loose or worm out springs behind it. It is good to check the condition of springs before doing anything drastic. If you found worn out or damaged garage door springs, you should change them with the newer and high-quality springs which will help you to hold the garage door at the place.

Problem: Garage door got jammed while opening and closing

Solution: Poor lubrication is the root cause behind the stuck garage door. As a duty of regular maintenance regime, it is recommended that apply any good quality silicon spray to the hinges and rollers at least twice a year. It ensures that your garage door will run smoothly on track while opening and closing. It will also prevent loud sounds during garage door operations.

Problem: Garage door won’t open or close

Solution: If your garage door is not responding at all, a malfunctioning garage door opener is to blame. It is better to check the batteries of the electric garage door opener before doing anything drastic. If the garage door opener badly malfunctions, it should be changed completely to make the garage door functional again.

There are a lot of reasons behind the malfunctioning of a garage door. It is good to conduct regular check-ups and maintenance to avoid serious damages. If the matters got worst, you should always opt for registered garage door repair services to handle the difficulties at a very cost-effective price.



Garage Door Service – Things to Stress Upon

Homeowners often underestimate the importance of garage door maintenance and repair. As a responsible homeowner, you need to inspect and maintain your garage door occasionally, just like to service your vehicle for its functional and long life. In this article, I will explain to you the different phases of garage door repair and its importance. There are plenty of garage door things which you should stress.

Needs for garage door repairs:

Before conducting garage door inspection, repair, or maintenance on your own, it is good to understand the mechanism and features garage door. Various types of garage door operating systems and materials are available to choose from. Overhead garage doors either roll up in multiply sections or swing up in one solid piece. Garage doors move on metal tracks along with a wall. The works on garage door springs which either placed at the center point or at both sides of a garage door. In most cases, garage door service is needed to fix the metal tracks or springs. There are plenty of garage door companies like, Upa & Over Garage Door Repair of Atlanta which offer valuable and fast services to restore the functionality of garage door.

  • First of all, you should check the metal tracks of the garage door. Inspect the mounting brackets thoroughly. During garage door services, you should tighten all the loose hardware including screws, bolts, and nuts which holds the brackets with the walls. These metal tracks should be observed to find out any occurrences of crimps, dents, or any other flat spots. These dents can be made smoother using a rubber mallet. A piece of wood and a hammer will also help you. If tracks are damaged beyond fixing or got rusted, they should be replaced immediately.
  • In the second stage of garage door services, you will have to inspect the garage door tracks to make sure that they are aligned properly. Normally, the horizontal tracks should be placed slightly down forward. The right direction of the tracks should be adjusted towards the backside of the garage. In the case of a roll-ups garage door, the vertical sections of the garage door should be parallel to each other. If you realize that the tracks of the garage door are not properly adjusted or aligned, you just need to lose the hardware including screws and nuts which holds the mounting brackets. Afterward, tap the tracks slightly to their right position to make them aligned.

  • In the next stage of garage door services, clean the garage door tracks using a mild household cleaner to remove accumulated dirt and grease. Don’t forget to clean the rollers properly. After washing, wipe them with a cotton cloth to make them dry completely. Once garage door tracks are properly cleaned, lubricate them thoroughly. Use lubrication spray, silicone spray, or any powdered graphite for this purpose.
  • The next step of garage door services relates to hardware. Inspect the garage door carefully, if you found any loose hardware within machinery, they should be tightened. Check the torsion springs to determine whether they are mounted properly or not. You should also check the hinges, screws, bolts, and nuts. Tighten them if needed.
  • The last step of garage door maintenance involves the performance of springs. There may need to shift the spring to the next hole or notch in order to adjust the tension. If you have a roll-up garage door, you will have to adjust the tension of springs by pulling the metal cable through the plate.



DIY Techniques to Fix Garage Door Issues

Dealing with non-moving devices around your home is simple, but you have to face more challenges when you need to handle something that does move such as Garage Door.

Whether it is a matter of garage door springs, tracks, rollers, opener, or the door itself, all the parts play an important role in the opening and closing operations of the garage door. There are definitely more components of the complicated device that can also affect the performance of the garage door. Garage door repair work to handle these issues can be challenging if you don’t know what is going wrong? It will be like a re-tacking the part of carpeting or hanging a picture on the wall. However, there are some simple techniques that you can use to handle the garage door yourself or hire a garage door repair in Fairfield, Connecticut in order to save your effort and time and to make your door efficient.

A garage door is not ordinary equipment that you can ignore. The door needs continuous love and care to work properly. You need to examine all the parts of the garage door occasionally to ensure something. Are all the nuts and screws tight? Are there any loose or damaged wires? Are the garage door tracks filled with debris? Is there any noises created by a garage door? Is garage door sensor light still blinking? A professional will tell you what to do with the garage door. After diagnosing the potential issue, it is easy to perform the repair.

All the moving parts should be lubricated at least once a year. Lubrication will not only keep the garage door operational but also a required coating of oil will protect them from dust and rust. You can use a high-quality lubricating spray to do this work. Just squeeze a few drops on the components which you want to protect and wait for half an hour for the oil absorption. Then wipe off all the excess oil with the help of a clean cloth.

Garage door springs are the main mechanical components of a garage door that need maintenance and replacement periodically. The torsion garage door spring is usually mounted above the garage near the ceiling. There is no doubt that most homeowners take notice of the torsion spring when they become damaged. Garage door springs replacement is not a job for unskilled persons as they are loaded with extreme pressure. It is a type of work that you should not handle by yourself in order to avoid accidents.

Another component of the garage door that you should not try to fix on your own is the automatic garage door opener. If you have decided to troubleshoot the problems of this equipment, make sure that you have turned off the power supply before doing anything with it.


Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

As you get to know more about Chinese culture, you will realize that Chinese Festivities are a big part of their way of life. You’ve got to give it to the Chinese. They really know how to celebrate – from the food to the decorations, dances, and fireworks too. You can expect a lot of spectacles as they celebrate their joyous occasions together with their loved ones.

The Chinese New Year features fireworks to drive away the bad spirits, round fruits for good luck and prosperity, sticky and long food for stronger relationships and long life. There are lots of things you should not do or have in your life or else you will invite bad luck to be your friend all throughout the year such as keeping a broken clock or having a black door in your house.

From where I came from, the Chinese New Year is always a festive occasion. They even have a dragon dance for good luck and give away red money envelopes for good fortune. You will see that the tables in the houses are full of round fruits – apples, grapes, oranges, honeydew, melon, watermelon, and a whole lot more. There are many dishes on the table to invite abundance and prosperity all year round. When the clock strikes 12 midnight, they use firecrackers to create lots of noise and drive away the bad luck and bad spirits. The Chinese also believe that 12 zodiac animals represent the years. The zodiac animal that represents the particular year is the prominent figure in the New Year celebration. You can also see this zodiac animal being displayed in their homes along with other crystals and charms that invite good fortune in life.

The Chinese New Year is really a festive occasion – full of colors and sounds. It is a sight to behold and offers an extraordinary experience to everyone.



This documentary is presented by the National Geographic Channel. It is about the modernization efforts being done by China to keep up with the needs of its growing population. The efforts documented in the video were economic and social in nature. It focused on Shanghai, one of China’s main cities and is the most populous city in the world with 24 million people living in it.

It is interesting to note that the modernization efforts in Shanghai took only three decades. A photographer was interviewed in the documentary and he recalled that there were no skyscrapers yet as of 1993. Yet, in 2014, the number of Shanghai’s skyscrapers rivaled that of Tokyo. It is also noteworthy that after centuries of seclusion, China is now sharing these things to the world. They are becoming open to doing trade and business with the rest of the world. They are also more accepting of the social influences that come with non-seclusion. But their nationalism is still very evident as with the fact that they speak their own dialect in Shanghai.

It is heartwarming to know that despite the urban transformation, the Chinese still hold on to their values and traditions. The family is at the root of these values. No matter how busy their lives get and wherever they are, they take a moment to be with their families. This ensures that values are preserved and passed down from generation to generation. It makes us realize that we should not forget our roots. This documentary also makes us appreciate that even in a fast paced environment, it is very important to spend time with family and have some rest and recreation. It is amazing to know the different innovations and engineering solutions that they do to be able to keep up with the demands of their growing population. Since China has the biggest population in the world, some of their innovations are also the biggest in the world. These large-scale engineering projects allow them to cater to the needs of the people and to develop ingenious ways to solve the challenges that they face.



Being an Asian American exposes this section of our population to different levels of stress. They may face bullying, discrimination, or have a hard time transitioning from their old homes to a new community here in America. They are also driven to succeed and may feel the pressure of making it big in this foreign land. They may feel homesick or have the desire for things to go back to the way they were and feel helpless since it is not going to happen. This is one of the concerns of the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. They realize the need to focus and intervene on the care and development of the mental health issues of this subgroup. There are reported cases of drug and alcohol use and substance dependency among this group. A survey among Asian Americans themselves revealed that they said that they experienced having a mental illness over the past year. This resulted in thoughts about committing suicide. These instances are indicative of the mental health concern of Asian Americans.

When you are suffering from mental health issues, it is recommended that you join support groups. An example is the Lao Family Community of Minnesota that integrates health education with social activities in the community. Asian Americans will thrive in this setting because they value their sense of belongingness. This will be a safe place for them to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences without fearing that they would be judged for their thoughts, words, or actions. However, mental health is a complex issue in itself and therefore, cannot be resolved by just one intervention. There is a need to address their mental, social, and emotional concerns that will give them an opportunity to thrive in their life experiences and live life productively and to the fullest.



Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing racial populations in the United States. According to statistics, there are 20 million Asian Americans as of 2015 and this group is on its way to becoming the largest immigrant group in the United States. One subgroup of this racial population is the Chinese Americans who are distinct in their own way. And just like the rest of the immigrant population, they face challenges along the way as they find their own place in this land called America.

When we say immigrant, lots of things come to mind, all of them challenging such as adjustment, transitioning, being away from home, foreign land, and journey. Immigrants can also have issues with acceptance, belongingness, relationships, beliefs, identity, and individuality. All of these are being experienced by Chinese Americans as they strive to reconcile the East and the West. They find themselves in a unique situation – oceans apart from home and coming across two whole new worlds.

The Lao Family Community of Minnesota is a support group for Chinese Americans to help them in transitioning from their Chinese descent to an American way of life. We help Chinese Americans reconcile these two cultures which will undoubtedly become a big part of their lives. We understand that settling down in a different country many miles away from your original home can be sad, confusing, and stressful. But it can also be fun, exciting, and can open up a whole new world of opportunities for you and your family as you open your garage doors in Wichita. Why are we saying this? Because we’ve been in the same situation and now it is time to give back to our fellow Chinese Americans who seem lost in this jungle. We understand the calling to pursue your American dream and at the same time having a battle inside your heart and mind if this is indeed worth pursuing. America, to the newcomer from the East, can be intimidating. There are lots of things to learn and do in order to acclimatize yourself to the Western way of living. You have to unlearn to learn. But it does not mean that you have to lose your identity in the process. That is why we are here to help you find yourself.

The Lao Family Community of Minnesota promotes awareness of the Chinese culture because we believe that awareness will bridge the gap towards an understanding of cultural diversity. We want to encourage the celebration of each culture as they are each unique and special, worth acclaiming and commemorating in their own right. We want to make it clear though that our programs and services are not exclusive to Chinese Americans. We welcome those who want to know more about the Chinese and American cultures in line with our pursuit of cultural diversity. Let us all support unity in diversity, understanding cultures despite the distance and differences. At the end of the day, it does not matter where you came from. What matters most is that you are able to give your best to help make this world a better place to live in.