Garage Door Repair

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Garage Door Repair on Your Own

If your garage door is not working correctly, you may get two thoughts. The first may be, well it should not be hard, and I can handle it on my own easily. All I have to do is to disconnect the garage door opener, remove the faulty part, install the new component and reconnect the garage door opener to get back the garage door in action.

The second thought maybe, of course, it might look simple but what if I mess something with the system? Or do I get hurt or make damage around? Maybe it is good to call a professional and affordable garage door repair solution.

Calculation of garage door repair cost:

You get up early in the morning on the weekend to start a job on your garage door. After watching several online videos, you are sure what will be the problem. You buy the replacement part and get onto the ladder to replace it. Several hours later after buying a huge cost, you will realize that your garage door still is not functioning and creating weird sounds and you need professional help now. When you call a professional guy, he asks you if you tried to fix it on your own. You admit that you did and make the simple tasks much more complicated and expensive. Well, “if you called me first, I could have diagnosed the original issues and then fixed it”. Now you have boosted the other problems.

Void the warranty:

You may have heard this before when it concerns fixing any electric equipment. You may dismiss caution, believing that it is just a way for manufacturers to make extra money from you. It is not true. The garage door companies know how hard and dangerous it is to install and fix the garage door. This is why they add the void causes into their warranties. They strongly advised you to call garage door experts to ensure the fixing is done properly. They want to ensure that when to call professionals to make necessary repairs. Garage door repair companies inspect your garage door periodically and guarantee the right job.

Garage door repair could be dangerous:

Look at the size of the garage door. Your garage door is a massive and extremely heavy object that should be handled with care. A trained and skilled garage door technician knows how to manage the weight and size of the garage door along with your vehicle and other stored stuff. For automatic garage doors, there is a risk of being electrocuted if you try to handle them by yourself. You could also suffer serious injuries. If you mistakenly remove the wrong part, the 500-pound garage door will drop on you or your vehicle. Protect yourself and your belongings by calling professional garage door companies.

A project that looks simple enough:

Automatic garage doors are constructed with the combination of several parts including tracks, rollers, and a torsion spring system. Since you don’t know what could go wrong and you may believe it, it is the part I have to replace.

Removing the wrong part can cause serious damage. Many garage door parts are under a great amount of tension. Broken garage door springs and cables could send broken pieces around the garage. So, it is suggested that consult a professional garage door technician to handle the garage door for you.



Essential Tasks for Garage Door Repairs

Most garage door repair tasks are done on an emergency basis because the only time people do pay attention to their garage doors is when something goes wrong. People don’t really spend enough time looking after the garage door every day, testing the hardware, and checking the cracks on the surface. Normally people rush through the garages in hurry to go somewhere or to go back inside a house after a hectic day. However, it is really essential to spend time inspecting the garage door. If your skills are not up to standard, call professional garage door experts like, garage door repair services in Burlington, North Carolina to inspect your garage door. Following are the reasons why:

  • Prevention is better than treatment:

Don’t wait until the garage door gets stuck. Normally, there are some earlier signs that show your garage door needs to be fixed. If you experience that your garage door is starting to open or close slowly, there could be faulty hinges and tracks behind it. Garage doors are used on a daily basis so they are more vulnerable to outside elements. The dirty or rusty hinges and tracks can make the garage door less efficient and less durable.

  • Regular inspection can improve the quality of garage doors:

Material incompatibility is a common factor to be considered while seeking professional garage door repair services. People do not understand the importance of routine inspection of the garage doors. The routine inspection will help you to determine some points of concern before they become full-blown issues.  The material incompatibility can be determined by inspecting the garage door. Some materials can be quite heavy and you need to use strong hinges to support them.  If the hinges of a garage door are not able to take the strain of the opening and closing process, Professional experts will advise you on quick replacement. If you think that having professional services is wasting of money then remember that a broken garage door will cost you more.

  • Garage door maintenance works do not need a lot of effort:

Garage door maintenance work does not take a lot of effort and money. Routine maintenance services on your garage door can be as simple as cleaning and oiling the garage door components including rollers, tracks, and hinges every now and then, especially before starting the winter season. Take care of the garage door to make sure that it opens and closes smoothly. These tasks may seem less important but they will increase the lifespan and functionality of the garage door. Visit a local garage door company for further assistance as soon as possible.

Garage door

Due to negligence, garage doors can get malfunction at the most inconvenient of times. A faulty garage door can put you and your family at high risk for criminals. Consult professional garage door companies to ensure that your garage door stays strong, functional, secure, and durable.







Techniques to Help with Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repairs can be avoided with the help of proper garage door maintenance techniques. If not avoided completely, then at least somewhat and to the factors where little money is required to be spent to restore the malfunctioning garage door to its normal level of working. If not maintained properly it will break down at any time and you will have to pay more money for fixing a broken garage door or replace the entire unit with the new one.

If you clean and maintain the garage door regularly then it will reward you with smooth functionality and longer life. In addition to this, the most significant benefit is that you don’t need garage door repair on a continuous basis. Thus, there is no need to get lazy with the cleaning and maintenance tasks of the garage door. Whenever a problem happens, you need to take the necessary actions to fix it immediately in order to avoid further damages from happening.

What should you do to keep your garage door functional? You should clean the garage door approximately three to four times a year with the help of mild washing soap and a soft brush. By washing the garage door regularly, the accumulated substances will be removed easily. Make sure that you are not using any abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals on the panels or hardware of your garage door.

If you have installed a wood garage door, the cleaning and maintaining process should be done according to the instructions of the manufacturer. In most cases, you will be advised to first polish or paint the garage door from both exterior and interior sides and then repaint the surface of the exterior side of the garage door every one to two years. In case, you have polished the exterior side of the garage door then it may warp due to extreme moisture over time.

Take a close inspection at the ground right under the garage door. It should be as free of obstructions as possible. Where the garage door touches a floor is a place that can easily accumulate dirt, leaves, cobwebs, and debris. There can also a formation of a tine layer of snow and ice during the winter season.

When anything clogs the bottom section of the garage door it will be easily avoided by placing a solid seal but it is also be maintained with the passage of time. The placement of the seal will contribute to the problems of weight distribution and misalignments of a garage door. It means that emergency garage door repair is necessary.

It is good to keep your garage door working smoothly. You will have to spend little money and time to perform garage door preventative maintenance measurements. Apply lightweight oil or high-quality silicon spray or any other good product like WD-40 to the dry rollers and hinges on yearly basis. Proper lubrication will help the garage door working smoothly and effortlessly and avoid the need for costly garage door repair bills.




DIY Techniques to Fix Garage Door Issues

Dealing with non-moving devices around your home is simple, but you have to face more challenges when you need to handle something that does move such as Garage Door.

Whether it is a matter of garage door springs, tracks, rollers, opener, or the door itself, all the parts play an important role in the opening and closing operations of the garage door. There are definitely more components of the complicated device that can also affect the performance of the garage door. Garage door repair work to handle these issues can be challenging if you don’t know what is going wrong? It will be like a re-tacking the part of carpeting or hanging a picture on the wall. However, there are some simple techniques that you can use to handle the garage door yourself or hire a garage door repair in Fairfield, Connecticut in order to save your effort and time and to make your door efficient.

A garage door is not ordinary equipment that you can ignore. The door needs continuous love and care to work properly. You need to examine all the parts of the garage door occasionally to ensure something. Are all the nuts and screws tight? Are there any loose or damaged wires? Are the garage door tracks filled with debris? Is there any noises created by a garage door? Is garage door sensor light still blinking? A professional will tell you what to do with the garage door. After diagnosing the potential issue, it is easy to perform the repair.

All the moving parts should be lubricated at least once a year. Lubrication will not only keep the garage door operational but also a required coating of oil will protect them from dust and rust. You can use a high-quality lubricating spray to do this work. Just squeeze a few drops on the components which you want to protect and wait for half an hour for the oil absorption. Then wipe off all the excess oil with the help of a clean cloth.

Garage door springs are the main mechanical components of a garage door that need maintenance and replacement periodically. The torsion garage door spring is usually mounted above the garage near the ceiling. There is no doubt that most homeowners take notice of the torsion spring when they become damaged. Garage door springs replacement is not a job for unskilled persons as they are loaded with extreme pressure. It is a type of work that you should not handle by yourself in order to avoid accidents.

Another component of the garage door that you should not try to fix on your own is the automatic garage door opener. If you have decided to troubleshoot the problems of this equipment, make sure that you have turned off the power supply before doing anything with it.