Mechanism of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are used to open and close a garage door. There are two basic types of springs, one is extension springs and the other is torsion springs which are used on the garage door. Although both types of springs are dangerous to handle, the torsion springs are complicated and trickier to manage. They are even more dangerous to handle as compare to extension springs. Click here to get more information about the mechanism garage door springs.

Extension springs are mounted particularly on lighter garage doors such as, one-piece tilt-up and sectional aluminum garage doors. They are hanging at the top of the garage door and are anchored near the backside of the upper track of the garage door. You can install, adjust, and repair them on your own. However, extension springs are still risky to manage if you are not attentive and don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions. On the opposite side, torsion springs are installed on heavier garage doors such as wooden sectional garage doors. These springs are mounted on both sides of the garage door. You need professional garage door services to install or replace these springs. They have been known to cause serious injuries, property damages, and even death.

A garage door installed with torsion springs can be a little tricky to handle. The garage door normally weighs anywhere between 300 to 400 pounds, this is why the springs must be powerful enough to operate the garage door properly. Torsion springs have caused serious injuries like head trauma to even experts when they are being installed or replaced. If you have kids in your house, educate them to never stand near the malfunctioning garage door especially when it is opening or closing. In addition to this, you should install a wall-mounted keypad that opens and closes the garage door out of the reach of kids. It will prevent you from accidents caused by the broken garage door springs. No matter how much you advised them, kids will want to push the button of the garage door out of curiosity.

Even well-maintained garage door springs will need to be replaced due to general wear and tear. In order to avoid serious injuries, it is wise to conduct a periodic examination to check the working condition of the garage door. When one spring a break, the other is likely be get damaged soon after, therefore, it is best if you replace both torsion springs together. Garage door spring installation or replacement costs range from $75 to $400. Thus, it is always good to search around and compare prices to choose the best. However, the cost of the project should not be a determining factor, make sure the contractor provides quality service. It might be worth it to pay more to avoid hassles.

Garage door springs store an extensive amount of energy while the garage door is closing. So if the closed garage door refuses to open due to broken springs, it will not hurt anyone. In case, the springs broke during the opening process, it would eventually fall and potentially injure anyone and damage your possessions. The life cycle of the garage door spring is evaluated by certain factors such as, maintenance requirements; frequency of usage, the weight of the garage door, compatibility with the garage door, and the quality of the springs themselves.

In the bottom, garage door springs are powerful and dangerous parts of the garage door that should be maintained properly. You should inspect them periodically to make sure that they are in a good working position. It will avoid many accidents due to broken springs. Remember, if you are in need of a garage door spring replacement, it is good to consult a professional garage door expert to complete the task.