Things to Check before Calling a Garage Door Repair Technician

You have probably experienced the scenario of malfunction garage door. You arrive home after a hectic day and ready to hit the sack. You press the button of the remote as you turn your car into a drive path. Your automatic garage door opens for you and you park the car inside the garage. You press the button again to close the garage door but nothing happen. The garage door does not move to close. You replace the batteries of the remote and try it again but garage door does not respond. You go to bedroom worried that garage door will remain open all night.

A garage door is a combination of complex operating systems that include tracks, pulleys, and springs and you don’t want to mess with them. You should call professional garage door technician like, Benbrook garage door repair to help you. There are some things that need to be checked before calling garage door companies. Most of the problems can be fixed on your own but any complicated task should be left to professional.
The garage door does not open or close

Check dead batteries:

The batteries of the remote may be dead. You need to replace the batteries and try again. Try to use a new remote because it will solve the issue.

Electronic eyes of sensors are not aligned:

There are two sensors placed at each end of the garage door that create an invisible beam of light between them. If they are not pointed to each other it will affect the opening and closing tasks of garage door. To correctly realign the sensors, simply move one of the eyes up or down from its current placement and then try to close the garage door. You need some patience to get the desired results.

• Obstructions under garage door:

If something obstructs the path of the garage door, it will not close. It is a safety measurement which adds to prevent something or someone from being smashed underneath the garage door. Make sure that you have not left anything under the garage door. Remove the object and try it again.

• Check the operating mechanism of the garage door:

If you have checked all the above parts but still have issue, it may have broken garage door spring, pulley, or cable. In this situation, don’t try to close the garage door forcefully. It will only make things worse and garage door repair job will cost you more.

Modern Garage Doors

Since garage door spring repair and replacement are beyond what you can handle yourself, just call professional garage door technicians. They will be able to diagnose the exact cause of problems. Most garage door companies offer a free estimation and discount packages. You should ask them about it to save some money.